As one of Australia’s leading investment consultants, JANA currently advises around 100 institutional clients, including corporate, industry and public sector superannuation funds as well as charities, insurers, foundations and endowment funds.

Total assets under advice as at 30 June 2016 are approximately $350 billion (including approximately $32 billion under management for institutional clients on our implemented consulting platform. This makes JANA the largest implemented consulting business in Australia.

JANA was established in 1987 to provide institutional investment advice and became a fully-owned subsidiary of National Australia Bank (NAB) Limited in December 2000.  NAB is one of Australia’s top banking groups [1] and largest listed institutions [2], managing relationships with retail, corporate and institutional clients in Australia and internationally.  

Our clients benefit from the bank’s organisational strength as well as its expert resources and infrastructure support.

JANA operates free of any requirements or direction affecting our independence.  We are in no way influenced or compelled to favour NAB services or products in our investment approach and recommendations to our clients.

Our evolution

After 15 years exclusively providing advisory consulting services, we established our implemented consulting business in 2002.  This service was developed in response to the requirements of clients and not built as a discrete investment product. JANA operates as a single business for our advisory and implemented consulting services. Investment consulting is our core business.

In February 2012, the JANA and MLC Implemented Consulting businesses combined. Then in April 2014, JANA and MLC Investment Management came together – all under the JANA name – to cement our ‘best‐of-breed’ research and portfolio construction expertise with a clear focus on delivering superior investment outcomes for clients.

JANA’s services consist of:

Advisory Services: responsible for providing investment consulting advice and conducting research, both domestic and global, across capital markets, asset classes and managers.

Implemented Consulting: leveraging our scale and operational infrastructure, institutional clients can invest in investment options via our internally administered implemented consulting platform.

Portfolio Management: previously known as MLC Investment Management, this team is responsible for managing the MLC Retail investment funds and platforms.

This focus has been the foundation of our success for almost three decades in an industry which has been, and remains, subject to rapid change.

We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne with over 80 investment professionals.


[1] 88th overall in The World’s Biggest Public Companies (Forbes May 2016).

[2] By market capitalisation (ASX) and #48 in total assets (Forbes May 2016).