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It’s our depth in diversity that drives innovation.

At JANA, you’ll see a breadth of clients that’s unique in our market. Clients that range from Government Departments, Superannuation Funds, Universities, Charities, Endowments and beyond. We deliver successful outcomes for clients in both the public and private sector.

It’s this depth in diversity that gives us yet another competitive edge and ensures we remain Australia’s largest institutional investment advisor. Whilst we come to the market with scale, we also come to the market with a proudly engrained culture of collaboration. We deeply believe a collaborative culture that fosters shared insight is more inventive, adaptable and productive. It’s the multiple perspectives that come with diversity that is key to unlocking new ideas and driving innovation for all our clients.

Ideas that come from a strong understanding of industry, legislative and operating environments. Ideas that along with our size lend themselves to negotiating favourable investment terms, best fit solutions and innovations on a client by client basis. 

A client centric approach to innovation.

That’s Depth with Difference.