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JANA 2021 Pre-Conference Session 1A: Investing Amid Shifting Inflation Regimes – A Transitory Phenomenon or a Structural Change?
  • The session examines the current inflation backdrop and whether the recent rise in inflation experienced in some economies will be transitory or more sustained.  
  • Guy Bruten looks at structural changes like, de-globalisation and demographics, which may influence inflation in the post-COVID era.  Bruten used UK data to highlight how policy choices have exerted a powerful influence on longer term inflation trends.  He proposed that the post-COVID shift towards larger fiscal deficits and away from pre-emptive inflation targeting by central banks increases the chances that inflation will be higher than pre-COVID levels over the medium term and beyond. 
  • For investors who are concerned about inflation risks, Josh Davies ties inflation risks back to portfolio management and how to construct inflation hedged portfolios using a multi-asset approach. Two key assets to hedge inflation are Commodities and Emerging Market Currencies.
26th October 2021 / 2 mins read
Gary Wilson
Senior Consultant
David Schnell
Senior Consultant
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