06th August 2019

JANA Investment Advisers is delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Watt, as Head of Quantitative Applications.

This is a pivotal appointment for JANA to assist in advancing JANA’s quantitative analytical capabilities. The variety and quantum of data and analytical tools is growing rapidly. Whilst the explosion of data and related tools holds much promise for JANA and our clients, there is also a lot of noise and complexity. The creation of the role of Head of Quantitative Applications is a reflection of JANA’s desire to evolve our own tools and techniques, as well as help our clients work through what is increasingly a demanding and complex field.

Michael has a long standing career of creating analytical tools to enhance clients’ portfolios. Michael was the Principal Consultant at PortfolioMetrics where his key function was to develop robust investment risk and portfolio analysis systems and procedures. Prior to PortfolioMetrics, for 10 years Michael was Head of Investment Risk at VFMC where he created and executed risk related policy, risk and investment analysis models and provided key input into portfolio strategy. During his time at VFMC Michael also sat on their Investment Committee steering modelling and analysis initiatives, as well as assisting the Chief Risk Officer in detailing risk management, data and information technology frameworks.

Michael also managed cash and credit at Challenger and held various investment analyst roles at County Investments (Invesco), National Australia Bank and Prudential.

Michael has achieved a Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University and a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University.

JANA is excited to take the next step in developing its analytical capability and welcomes Michael Watt.