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Since 1987, we’ve provided advisory consulting services to a diverse and ever evolving global client base. Fostering close relationships with each and every client, has and continues to allow us to not only fully understand the needs of our clients but also continue to identify unique investment opportunities, to the ongoing benefit of our clients and their beneficiaries.

Our core advisory services include:

  • Asset allocation advice – We provide advice to investors in regards to allocation within and across asset classes, with consideration to their unique investment objectives and risk parameters.

  • Manager research and selection – Based on investment objectives, we carefully offer recommendations for best fit professionals to invest on your behalf in regards to particular asset classes, incorporating ESG considerations.

  • Investment strategy advice – From monitoring, understanding and managing portfolio risk, liquidity, currency advice, climate change considerations, performance monitoring and reporting and beyond, we pride ourselves on robust and rigorous investment strategy advice supported by technology-driven solutions.