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When it comes to Implemented Consulting, clients benefit from a partnership with JANA in multiple ways. 

Firstly, the foundations for Implemented Consulting are set in the same research engine underpinning all of JANA’s advice. Secondly, clients benefit from engagement with highly experienced consultants able to tailor portfolio solutions to meet the client’s individual requirements as well as providing input on investment objectives and governance. Thirdly, unlike many other implemented consultants, JANA maintains a non-conflicted model where we do not manage the underlying strategies we utilise within implemented portfolios.

From there, JANA can provide clients with the ability to leverage our scale to negotiate favourable terms with investment managers, right through to benefiting from first to market access to the best investment ideas. These benefits feed directly into all client portfolios and returns.

All of our advice is tailored to an individual client’s particular circumstances and their investment objectives. At JANA, those who advise you generally have the dual roles in research and consulting. This means that those delivering the advice have a robust understanding of the research.

A key attribute of Implemented Consulting is all about delivering peace of mind, from seamless day-to-day implementation across multiple managers to strong risk control and ongoing oversight. We’ve specifically built our implemented consulting offering to enable you to focus on your investment goals and the tailored asset allocation to meet them.

We work for some of the largest investors in Australia, which ensures we forever have our finger on the pulse, our people on the frontline are always right there developing new ideas and understanding challenges in real time.

JANA offers the following Australian Equities trusts.

Australian Equities

JANA offers the following Diversified Strategies.

Diversified Strategies

JANA offers the following Global Equities trusts.

Global Equities

JANA offers the following Fixed Income and Cash trusts.

Fixed Interest

JANA offers the following Property trust.


JANA offers the following Alternative Investment trusts.

Alternative Investments