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World class independent research and analysis drives everything we do. 

JANA’s extensive research programme is the foundation for our advice on investment policy, strategic and dynamic asset allocation, asset class structures and manager selection for each client’s portfolio. Research is conducted both from a bottom-up perspective (i.e. through asset class research) and a top-down perspective (i.e. through portfolio construction analysis and research).

JANA’s investment professionals conduct capital markets research in order to understand the fundamental drivers of returns and risks from macro, asset class and sector perspectives. We have qualified economists on staff and our Capital Markets Group is responsible for researching and understanding current economic developments, both globally and domestically.

Our intensive investment manager research is a key differentiating factor. Our asset class research teams conduct their own research face-to-face with investment managers in their offices all around the world. We do not rely on advice prepared by distant partners or associates.

JANA’s research provides clients with a huge range of benefits including:

  • Unconflicted advice – As a majority employee-owned firm, we drive our own research agenda determined by what is in the best interests of our clients based on their objectives, and exercise our own standards and quality controls. Our advice is completely independent, and we do not provide services to investment managers or receive payments of any variety from them. Unconflicted advice is a key point of difference for us and we couldn’t be prouder of the fact.

  • Dynamic and flexible – We are able to adapt to market dynamics and our independence provides us with the flexibility to focus our research in areas we see as holding the best forward looking opportunities for our clients.

  • Depth of manager and capital markets research – JANA conducts all its manager and capital markets research itself, which is a significant differentiating factor relative to other consultants. This enables us to identify new high-quality managers and new ‘best ideas’ early and, by introducing the managers to our clients, give our clients an ‘early mover’ advantage.

  • Global insights - We do not rely on overseas offices or affiliates; instead, our own investment professionals travel offshore, providing us with invaluable ‘on the ground’ insights. JANA conducts over 20 global research trips annually involving more than 40 staff, with over 3,000 manager meetings both domestically and offshore. 

  • Deeper relationships - We seek to foster long-term partnerships between clients and investment managers. In some cases, these relationships span over decades, allowing us to build trust with the managers and their personnel, enabling us to evaluate them over time according to our criteria rather than those of a third party, whilst enabling us to contribute to the development of innovative solutions for our clients. 

  • Breadth of client experience - JANA advises a wide range of investors including superannuation funds; long service leave funds, life, health and general insurance firms; universities, foundations, endowments and charitable trusts; government entities; and corporate clients. 

Most of our consultants have dual research and client responsibilities, and some consultants are a member of more than one research team, which fosters collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas and insights.

JANA’s research teams are organised as follows:

  • Australasian equities

  • Global equities

  • Fixed interest, currency and credit

  • Alternative investment strategies 

  • Property

  • Infrastructure

  • Direct investments 

  • Private equity 

  • Custody and operational research

  • Implementation services

  • Capital markets

  • Portfolio construction 

  • Quantitative applications

  • Responsible investment 

  • Retirement strategies