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JANA has proudly supported institutional investors for over three decades. The impact of our advice is felt by millions. 

Now, by strategically partnering with high quality advice and private wealth firms, JANA is able to offer those same high quality consulting services to the retail and high net worth markets through engagement with a select group of advice practices.

JANA specialises in gaining a deep understanding of market themes to give industry leading asset allocation and investment manager selection advice to our clients. This is complemented by being able to offer customised portfolio solutions in the form of model portfolios and managed accounts to our clients. Through this process and applying these measures, JANA’s scale means we are able to access significant investment manager fee rebates on behalf of our clients.

Our wealth partnership offering covers advisory and sub-advisory consulting.  Advisory consulting work for our clients includes assuming responsibility for managed account strategies on behalf of advice practices.  Sub-advisory work includes providing input into an advisor’s investment committee, managed account programme or model portfolios.

JANA has a menu of services it can provide to our Wealth Partnership clients depending on their requirements.

  • Managed account structure setup and development including comprehensive  reporting – Including MDAs and SMAs.

  • Model portfolio support – Develop and support existing models.

  • Investment committee – Support attendance at Investment Committees including investment processes and decision making, committee inputs and governance.

  • Investment philosophy and process – Periodic reviews of Investment Philosophy and processes including Investment Policy Documents and Investment Committee Charters.

  • Access to capital markets research – Access to output from JANA’s capital markets research capabilities including SPARK and SOLVE.  

Further information is available by contacting the Wealth Partnership’s team at JANA.